Dustbrothers & Miniature Warriors on One Blog

grudzień 28, 2018 mw2017aos 0
Time for changes, As you may know I tried to provide two blogs, this one and www.dustbrothers.pl.  Two be honest having two blogs is very challenging. Especially if it’s your hobby and you have to find time to do it between many other duties. Last year it was very well […]

Nowicjusz i Księgi do Małych Wojen Wybitnych Wodzów w SAGA 2.0

luty 16, 2018 mw2017aos 0
Dear Friends This is short review of Polish version of 2nd edition SAGA rulebook and Viking Age armies book.  I prepared article only in Polish for which I’d like to excuse English speaking followers. Of course still you can use Google translator which I have implemented on the blog for […]